Tanning at Mansion House Spa ~ Marthas Vineyard


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HEX II Upright Tanning System **
The HEX II starts you on the way to a great tan in just 8 to 12 minutes.

  • 3 to 12 minute sessions
  • 46 Reflector lamps
  • Remote timer
  • UL Listed, CUL Listed, a requirement in many states
  • CSA and CE Compliant

HEX is the world’s premier upright tanning system, designed and built by the most experienced tanning equipment manufacturer in the United States. The best tan comes from being active outdoors — walking, standing, moving. International Tanning Equipment put that concept to use by designing the world’s first tanning system that lets you stand while tanning. The HEX system lets your body absorb sunlight in a very natural way — just as if you were walking along the water’s edge at your favorite beach.

And just like a beautiful beach day, you need to use common sense and moderation.

1 visit $15

10 visits $129


**access to the Health Club not included

From the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Section 211 document; No person fourteen years of age to seventeen years of age, inclusive, shall use a tanning device without the prior written consent of a parent or legal guardian who shall indicate therein that such parent or guardian has read and understood the warnings required under the provisions of section two hundred and nine.

No person under fourteen years of age shall use a tanning device unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.