Personal Training

Personal Training

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Rates and schedules vary, please call Mansion House for more information.

Ann Richards
Ann Richards has more than 35 years in Health and Fitness. She is the former owner of Fitness Firm, a privately owned training center on Martha’s Vineyard, and has been training individuals and small groups for decades. She is certified through ACE (American Certification on Exercise). Ann currently teaches group exercise classes, Senior Strength & 55+ Strength & Core, and trains both seasonally and year-round at Mansion House where she specializes in building and maintaining strength and mobility for the senior population.



Rander Evangelista
Rander Evangelista is Certified Personal Trainer who earned his accreditation in Sports Conditioning, Exercise Programming and Advanced Personal Training in London, England. He works with a wide range of individuals from novice health club members to athletes. He specializes in training clients who are focused on weight loss, strength building and sports conditioning. Rander is available for personal training both year round & seasonal and is bi-lingual in English and Portuguese.



Fitness Class Instructors:

Tamzin received her certification from Cycle Fusion which is approved by the USA Cycling Team. She is in year four on the bike- having taken her very first spin class at the Mansion House! She has been subbing and teaching since last year.

Tamzin is an avid runner, and indoor cyclist! She loves endurance sports- for both mental and physical well-being. She believes a good workout makes for an even better day! She is a reading teacher at the Tisbury School and loves to read and write creatively.  Tamzin has been coming to the Vineyard every summer since she was a little girl and has made it her permanent home for the past 6 years.

Megan began teaching Yoga in the late 1980’s after a decade of professional dancing in Chicago and New York. She trained with Yoga Master’s Erich Schiffman, Douglas Keller and John Friend. She unites her Yoga Teaching with Bodywork, expanding into Anatomy Training, Sustainable Body, Neurocore, and Zero Balancing. Megan uses the instrument of her own embodiment and life experiences as the lab for personal inquiry and is grateful to be able to share her discoveries with others.

Reflecting others into the great insight and brilliance that exists within them is exciting and rewarding for her. She believes yoga is a terrific tool for cultivating skillful access into inner wisdom. Megan has called the Vineyard her home for 25 years and shares an extended family with her partner in life. She loves to be able to spend time with her two sons, three grandsons and awesome daughters-in-laws.

Brenda began teaching 12 years ago as an apprehensive sub for a Spinning class. After a couple of anxiety induced classes she discovered that she loved teaching group exercise and sought other modalities to teach. She is a Certified Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor and has completed YogaFit’s Level 1 & 2 and BodyArt Teacher Training. She recently obtained a 40 hour Barre Training with Exhale’s Barre Certification Program.

Brenda’s passion for movement started at an early age with gymnastics, dance and swimming and then moved into group sports during her teen years. She loved competing in sports like lacrosse and field hockey and always found a way to incorporate exercise into her day well after her high school years.
Brenda and her husband, David, have lived year round on the Vineyard for over 25 years. They enjoy taking daily walks in the forest with their dog, watching their two sons play soccer and discovering new places to visit.
She has cultivated lasting friendships with people of all ages through the connection of movement and is grateful to be able to support and encourage people to become a healthier version of themselves. Brenda believes ‘being fit’ has no final destination but is a lifelong journey that takes commitment, compassion and a sense of humor.

Kimberly has been teaching Fitness for 18 years. She is a Certified Madd Dog Spinning Instructor as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher. She founded Om of Motion Spinning Studio in West Tisbury where she cultivated a large following of Cycling enthusiasts. Kimberly’s compassionate personality sets her apart from the ‘intense’ reputation that many Cycling Instructors have. She believes that love is the reason we are here and is what makes our lives meaningful. She applies this Philosophy to exercise and believes that with love as our guiding principle, exercise becomes a celebration of energy and abundance, a form of blessing and meditation which raises the level of joy in every aspect of our experience.

Kimberly moved to Oak Bluffs 20 years ago with her partner Ewell. Together, with their three kids, 91 years young mother-in-law Esther and chocolate lab, Leroy Brown they have called the Vineyard their home.

Bonnie has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years. Bonnie is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher also trained to provide Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Bonnie’s ongoing studies include teachers Erich Schiffmann, John Friend and Todd Norian, gaining her greatest inspiration from Shiva Rea and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. She continues her practice and study with Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Flow, Fluid Power Teacher Training Programs.

Bonnie’s dynamic  Vinyasa style of teaching allows each student to come to the practice exactly where they are. With right intention and open heart Bonnie believes that each student can recognize their highest potential both on and off the mat.

Bonnie’s classes are a moderate level,but always open to new or beginner students. Through her many years of practice and teaching she has the ability to encourage and teach all levels

Mike has been a Certified Spinning Instructor for 5 years. Although he started teaching fitness a little later in life he has always been very active. He played Baseball at University of Michigan and has run in over  25 marathons and ultramarathons!

Mike and his family spent summer vacation on the Vineyard before deciding to make it their year round home eight years ago. He and his wife have six children and eight grandchildren, a dog and chickens. Between teaching classes he finds time volunteering for many charities like Food Pantry, Hospice and Village at Home to name a few.

Sian has been teaching Yoga for 10 years. She received her 500 hour Teacher Training at Kripalu with Shiva Rea and has studied intensively with Yoga Masters Ana Forrest, Baron Baptiste, Jonny Kest, and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

Sian was a runner for years before discovering yoga. She has always been into health and fitness and appreciates the spiritual connection she gains from her practice. She is a published writer, an avid kayaker and a devoted dog walker. Sian is the mother of five children and has lived on the Vineyard for 30 years.

Vanessa began teaching Kripalu Yoga eight years ago after receiving her 500 hour Professional Level Yoga Teacher Certification. Her practice allows her to listen to her needs throughout the day. Sometimes her energy calls for a run. Sometimes a nap beckons her. And at other times study calls to her. She feels that it’s important to tune in and honor what is most needed, not just for body but also for mind and spirit. Practice is an ever changing ongoing conversation for her.

Vanessa was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard and has raised her two children on the island as well. She left the island long enough to appreciate it and return. In addition to teaching Yoga she also works in the school system. When her busy schedule allows, she enjoys traveling, reading, drawing, writing and napping.

Emily holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, another in Fitness Management, and certifications from ACSM, NASM, and in BodyArt and yoga. She earned her B.A. from Tufts University, in English. Emily has worked in-house at Reebok headquarters as a fitness specialist, and taught yoga at New Balance headquarters, as well as at Equinox Health Clubs and Exhale Spas – all in Boston. While in Los Angeles, Emily was personal trainer to exercise star, Kathy Smith and on Martha’s Vineyard, she has trained actress Rooney Mara. In addition to studio classes, Emily also leads trail hikes and fitness retreats – all with a focus on breath, alignment, and feet.

Ann has more than 35 years in Health and Fitness. She is the former owner of Fitness Firm, a privately owned training center on Martha’s Vineyard, and has been training individuals and small groups for decades. She is certified through ACE (American Certification on Exercise). Ann currently teaches group exercise classes, Senior Strength & 55+ Strength & Core, and trains both seasonally and year-round at Mansion House where she specializes in building and maintaining strength and mobility for the senior population.

Brenda has been in the fitness field for about 40 years. Her love of movement began as a teen when she started dance lessons. She moved to the island in the mid ‘90’s with her husband and daughters and became a personal trainer at Fitness Firm. She is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor and also holds certificates in Total Barre and TRX.

Brenda has completed training for Special Populations, Postural Analysis and Anatomy. Her focus on posture, alignment and form is central to everything she teaches no matter if she’s teaching on dry land or in the water. She is a Certified Red Cross Swimming Instructor and has been teaching Water Exercise for several years.

She enjoys spending time with her three young, spirited grandsons, getting out on a good hiking trail and continuing to educate herself in the world of fitness.

Toni took her first Pilates class over 20 years ago and it truly resonated with her. She has been trained in both Stott Pilates and Body Tonic. After years as a dancer her body responded well to the strength and flexibility that is gained through Pilates.

She and her husband have lived here since 1982 and raised their daughter on the Vineyard. Toni’s Granddaughter is a great motivator to staying fit, flexible and strong. She has always loved horses, hiking and swimming and is grateful to live in a community where a healthy lifestyle is encouraged and supported.

Jay has been active in sports for most of his life. Running was always his passion, until an unfortunate accident left him unable to continue. Sidelined from running, a friend suggested taking an indoor cycling class. Since he enjoys dancing, cycling seemed like a good fit with its high energy cardio accompanied by great beats. After taking several classes, he went a step further and became Spin Certified through Madd Dog.

Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, Jay came to the Vineyard for a friend’s wedding seven years ago and never left. He is the Front Desk at Mansion House and also teaches English to non-native speaking folks on the island. He enjoys connecting with nature and is an avid traveler taking every opportunity to see a new destination around the world discovering cultures from the natives. He believes that being active every day in some capacity enables individuals to have a healthy body and mind.