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Mansion House Hosts United Airlines Flight Attendants Reunion

Doris Clark shares:

This is the second reunion that I put together for United Airlines Flight Attendants. The first one was in 2005 at the Mansion House. Back then, communication was so very different. I invited my friends and they came. This time, I used social media with FB and Twitter. There were several Flight Attendants that I had not known before they signed up to come. As Flight Attendants do, we bonded immediately.

We had absolutely beautiful weather throughout the 3 days. We stayed at the Mansion House again and took full advantage of the restaurant, health club, pool and spa. We also took a Zumba class. There was a tour of the Island, clambake and a shopping and Champagne spree. We absolutely made the day of Bryn Walker across from the Mansion House. They probably had their best day ever!

I retired from UA 15 years ago and really miss my flying buddies. We eat, sleep and drink with each other for the life of your career. I missed the family-feel of my 26 year flying career.  So I put together the reunions. The next one will probably be every other year from now one. We are too old to wait 7 years.

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